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Menu September 2016

Wine List September 2016


The Deli 

Home-made is the motto with everything in our deli. The cheese we sell is locally sourced, and the meat in all the dishes is from our farm, Waterval.

Buy ready-made lasagna, cottage pie, spaghetti and meatballs and much more from our display freezer and simply heat & eat. There are also many uncooked venison products such as sosaties, mince and sausage, which is ideal for a braai. Venison is naturally low in fat and is an excellent meat choice for people who want to lose weight.

Old style biscuits and cookies, rusks, meringues and other dry foods always stock the deli. Lani’s Cranberry and White Chocolate cookies are a favourite in town.

Buy Lani’s famous pies either from the pie oven, or uncooked from the freezer. There are curry lamb, spinach and feta, venison and chicken to name but a few.

The Bakery

We bake a range of artisan bread including ciabatta, rye, wholewheat, brown and farmstyle white.

If you’re lucky, we’ll have freshly baked nibbles such as olive sticks, brioche buns and roosterkoek.

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