A hand-made pottery heart and seasonal preserves in True Living


The front, reception area and courtyard of True Living

foto 20

A hand-made vintage tea cosy and tea cloth made by Lani

foto 19

The courtyard of True Living

foto 18

The True Living and Lani’s Kitchen team

foto 16

The reception area of True Living

foto 15

A rusty heart in the courtyard describes the mood in the shop

foto 14

Locally made seasonal jams and preserves in True Living

foto 11

Some of the hand-made stock in True Living

foto 10

True Living stocks mohair and wool and products made from these natural fibers. The mohair and wool are a representation of the livelihood of many of the wool and mohair farmers in the area.

foto 9

Hand-made pottery in True Living

foto 8

Fresh flowers in the foyer – all from Lani’s garden on Waterval

foto 6

The hallway leading to the reception area

foto 1

Some of the hand-made and natural fiber products in True Living

foto 3

Some of the products in True Living

foot 13

A heart of one of the hand-made scatter pillows in True Living

The Courtyard

The courtyard


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