The Karoo Food Festival comes to town

This year True Living is going full flair at the Karoo Food Festival in Cradock.

The shop and restaurant remain open throughout the festival, with Chris Chameleon ending off the festival for True Living on Sunday afternoon at 16:00.

The Chris Chameleon collaboration will be the highlight of the festival for True Living, as the laid-back music, wine and food celebration embodies what Lani through True Living would like to offer to Cradock locals and visitors to the town.

Tickets for the event are limited, so please book in advance.

chris chameleon

Back by popular demand is also the three-generational masterclass featuring the Lombard family matriarch Ouma Delene, as well as Lani and Louzel.

This year, the trio will share family recipes and techniques around venison in a hands-on demonstration and masterclass with visitors, who will taste the fruits of their labour in a food-and-wine pairing afterwards.

Old, new, modern and traditional style will merge when the three generations of Lombard women take the floor in True Living’s revamped courtyard.


Lani and her daughter Louzel will also participate in a variety of demonstrations and How To classes during the festival, including a quick guide demo to making and flavouring your own oils, butters and basic sauces, ice-cream making 101, as well as making your own soft cheeses and sausages.

You can catch them busy with demos, or selling delicious fare and produce from the True Living Pop-Up shop in the Deli Market at the festival grounds on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.


Saturday night in Cradock is Food Town. Visitors and locals are welcome to come to True Living for a lovely evening of Traditonal Karoo Food including Karoo lamb chops, Kerrie Afval, Venison steak and many more, paired with some of the best wines in the country. Be sure to book your table for this event on the Food Festival program.


Walk-ins are more than welcome throughout the festival, but it is advised you make your reservation in store at True Living, by phoning True Living shop at (048) 881 3288 or email

Alternatively, you can contact Lani at (072) 039 6331 or Lara at (079) 193 7646.



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