Lani’s Long Table Lunch at True Living


On Sunday, 1 March, Lani at True Living will be hosting Cradock’s first official long table lunch. The concept is an old one, which aims to brings the townspeople together around a table filled with festive food & wine.

Think good Karoo Lamb, seasonal vegetables and good wine, all enjoyed while in the company of the people who make Cradock the unique town it is.

Simply book your seat and take your place at the table, and get ready to catch up with the Cradockers about the happenings of the month.

The food will be self-service, packed abundantly on platters in the center of the table, with the idea of creating an feeling of festivity from a bygone era.

Drinks will be served by the waiters, and are not included in the price.


On the table

Rolled Karoo lamb neck with a lemon thyme stuffing, cooked to perfection on a bed of onions

Puff-pastry Chicken pie

Saffron-infused, fried young Potatoes

Whole baked country Pumpkin

Garlic roasted seasonal green Vegetables

For dessert – DIY Pavlova

Coffee-infused giant meringues

Farm-made creme Patisserie

Fresh fruit – banana, passion fruit & strawberries

Toffee sauce &

Chocolate sauce

Price: R160 per person, excluding drinks

You can make your reservation in store at True Living, by phoning True Living shop at (048) 881 3288 or email Alternatively, you can contact Lani at (072) 039 6331 or Lara at (079) 193 7646.


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Location 44 JA Calata Street Cradock Phone 048 881 3288 E-mail Hours Mondays - Fridays: 08:00 - 15:00 Saturdays: 08:00 - 13:00
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